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Welcome to

Ms. Skeen's kindergarten classroom!

Let’s Learn Together


In kindergarten, you can learn how to be a citizen of the world. 

Jill Lepore


Welcome to Kindergarten: 
St. Patrick School
North Park

In our kindergarten classroom, students are empowered to ask insightful questions, exploring and discovering answers and solutions together.  Each child is unique, and brings with her or him a wealth of experience, talents, and knowledge.

Our mission is to nurture students' potential - mind, body, and spirit. Together, we strengthen our relationship with Christ and foster positive, meaningful relationships with peers and adults.   

Students and families are also welcomed into a dynamic and supportive community.

Interested in learning more about Kindergarten: St. Patrick School? We invite you to keep exploring our website, and get in touch with questions about our values, academics, community and more. Join us today!


Classroom Newsletter

The academic program at St. Patrick School places an emphasis on every aspect of student growth and development, while meeting state requirements. Small class sizes and exceptional, credentialed teachers allow us to offer a comfortable and inclusive educational environment, while ensuring each student receives the individualized attention and support they need.


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10 Great Educational Websites for Kindergarteners

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Learning to Read

The best way to get better at most anything is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE -- and the same is true for reading!  I strongly suggest visiting our North Park Library, or one near your own home.  Here is a great website for age-appropriate book suggestions.


Join us on our learning adventure!

My name is Jenny Skeen and I am pleased to be part of the St. Patrick School family. I have a strong background in Catholic education, as my mother taught for more than thirty years at a parochial school. My entire educational journey was spent at Catholic schools, including commuting one hundred miles daily to my high school. I earned my bachelor of arts degree in Liberal Studies and my California teaching credential (multiple subject) at the University of San Diego.

Following college, I taught at St. Martin of Tours Academy in La Mesa for several years. I very much appreciate the value of Catholic schools as a student, teacher, and parent of three St. Patrick students (Erin 12, Jack 10, and Allison 6). I have a Master of Arts degree in Education/Curriculum & Instruction, with a specialty in Emerging Literacy. Your children will grow tremendously this year, and I thank you for your support and dedication in providing a faith-based education for your child.

Here is some helpful information regarding your child’s year in kindergarten:

The aim of kindergarten is to provide a basic foundation for your child’s education. It is a program geared to make the transition from home or preschool as smooth as possible, and to make each child’s first experience with formal schooling a successful and happy one.

The kindergarten curriculum scope and sequence is designed to help stimulate a strong self-concept. Children will work and create independently as well as learn to cooperate with others in a group setting. The program will provide many opportunities for social and emotional development, while incorporating all of our core subjects. Our classroom curriculum will meet standards and benchmarks and promote academic, physical, mental, and spiritual growth. We will focus upon various character traits throughout the year, and how we can become caring, responsible citizens.

Please send these items DAILY (please label all with your child's name):

* backpack

*lunch (hot lunch is ordered in the office)

*healthy snack 

*water bottle 

*read & rest towel brought to school every Monday and is returned home to launder every Friday

*A clean change of clothes in a plastic bag in backpacks at all times

*A folder should remain in your child’s backpack daily. It will act as a means of sending home weekly work or any math family worksheets. I can also send any communication home via these folders as well as using our online communication. Student work is usually sent home on Fridays. Please empty the folder each week.

Uniform Information:

We ask all students to wear white socks ("no-show" socks are not allowed) and solid colored shoes.

Athletic shoes must be worn for PE days (Kindergarten - every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday).

Students are only allowed to wear our SPS uniform outerwear (sweaters, fleece jackets, cardigans, etc. which we ask be labeled to avoid loss).

Non-uniform jackets, raincoats, gloves, etc. are not allowed unless there is a medical condition/doctor's note and we can discuss that individually. It is also very distracting for kindergarten students to wear jewelry, watches, etc. so I ask that you save those for home.

Please know I appreciate your support and trust in teaching your child each day. I hope to guide my students in developing a love of learning they carry on not only through their school years, but their entire lives. We welcome you to our St. Patrick School community!


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Blessing of the Animals

Thursday, Oct. 3

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Professional Development (No School)

Friday, October 4

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Minimum Day (Day Care Available)

Friday, Oct. 11

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October 12-13

No school grades K-6 on Oct. 14.  Students in grades 7-8 will help teachers and volunteers clean up the school following the festival.


St. Patrick School

North Park



St. Patrick School is a community of learners, thinkers, explorers, teachers, artists, musicians, athletes, and so much more.

We offer a myriad of opportunities to build our community and engage with other families in our St. Patrick School family. 

YOU make a difference and are appreciated, valued, and welcome!  Thank you for your continued support and involvement.  

Join us for many events and special days celebrating our community.  


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